Having arrived at a new school, my first full time permanent post, i am determined to continue my development with regard to the use of ICT in and out of the classroom. This term I have introduced a number of things to my National class and initial dialogue suggests that the pupils are willing and […]

I apologise for not writing sooner but this term I have been mired in job applications. From it I am one of the very fortunate ones to gain a full time permanent job. I am relieved and delighted, also proud, that all the hard work has paid off. I cannot wait to get started and […]

‘Not enough strenuous activity, in PE lessons. I’m positive i was not alone in being both disgusted and alarmed by headlines in the news this week. With it being so soon after London 2012 it is vital that PE and Sport is on the tip of the tongue, however this is just as what we […]

There is a current theme hanging around Scottish Education and that is one of Value and Added Value. In terms of CfE (Scotlands new curriculum), and Physical Education in particular, you can add value to your National Qualification by completing an added value unit. For PE this has caused some debate (well amongst the small […]

Yesterday was my first experience of an SQA event, Subject Implementation for National 3, 4 and 5 in Physical Education. Reflecting on the day was not easy last night considering the sheer amount of information and discussion that took place (which is highly encouraging) I learned a number of things regarding the course and the […]

Today I had an S1 class during a fitness block and wanted them to fully understand how their heart works while they are exercising and for them to create an exercise programme for themselves. So far i had not used my iPad in these lessons and tended to focussing on keeping the pupils active (contrary […]

I was first introduced to the sport education model during my ITE year just 9 months ago. The lecturer Paul McMillan and his enthusiasm and interest in the model as evident before he uttered a word, I was hooked. Paul taught us the model experientially; we were the pupils in his charge. The theme of […]