It’s important as teachers that we continue to improve and look for new ways to engage our pupils in their learning. With this in mind I am conscious that it is difficult to make wholesale changes to your practice as real life education can be hectic and leave little time to fully embed new teaching […]

‘Education is something you get, learning is something you do’ This afternoon we had a very interesting local authority meeting based around Nationals and a little discussion around the New Higher. Greg Coburn from Education Scotland gave a presentation on both and guided us through his thoughts on the courses and more importantly he suggested […]

Below is a blog post I wrote last year but never got round to adding it to the site. Im sure it is still relevant today, or I hope it is. Enjoy. “Can we play a game now, Sir?”   Does this sound familiar? If you teach PE then I bet it does. I can […]

Today I attended the inaugural SATPE conference held at the Scottish Police College in Tulliallan. The association is made up of Teachers for Teachers, I am a member of the association and also one of the Regional Reps for East Lothian. So for me the conference was a long time in coming. But what an […]

Over recent weeks I have had many discussion regarding the approach schools are using for National 4 or 5 Physical Education. Before I continue it is important to note that I have a vision as to how I think PE should be taught and how I think the Nationals should be taught, but it sits […]

I am constantly looking for ways to teach pupils in an interesting and engaging manner. I look for ways for pupils to take responsibility and I suppose you could say to ensure I don’t just simply dictate to the pupils. It is important that pupils take in as much as possible during a lesson and […]

When I arrived for my first day at my new school I was keen to continue the work I had done during my NQT year. While on my probation year I used Edmodo throughout my curriculum; Standard Grade and Higher classes used it to receive notes, homework and invaluable discussion, my core classes used it […]