Using the Significant Aspects of Learning


This session I have placed a clear focus on the implementation of the Significant Aspects of Learning (SALs) with my practice and within my colleagues practice. There has been a big push of these within the authority and across the country. It is clear that Physical Education is leading the way with the SALs and their implementation.

I really like the SALs, what they are about and how they are presented. It is also clear to see that learners are engaging with the SALs in both primary and secondary centres. We as physical educators have a key role to play in education and delivery of the SALs is key to this. Here’s how I have implemented them this session.

Firstly I was keen to develop my own SALs resource so my colleagues and myself asked our learners in S1-S3 for what they thought each SAL meant to them and how they think it should be exemplified. Once I gathered this information from the learners I, like many others, turned them into posters and placed them into every space we teach (see the attached picture). Alongside side the SAL poster are the Exepriences & Outcomes for Physical Education and also posters for the Executive Functions (an area I am continuing to explore). 

Each lesson or block of learning I am looking to use the SALs to teach through a context of learning (such as invasion games or central net games) and for this I always look to use the posters and display. This gives the learners ownership as it is a curriculum made by them for them. The ownership allows for a clear focus from the learners and has ensured positive learner conversations and gathering of evidence against the SALs. I have been excited by these early steps into implementation of the SALs, there is still a long way to go. 

My next steps with this is to ensure that the exemplification posters stay fresh and updated for learners, I need to ensure that I plan appropriately to meet the needs of the learners in front of me using the E&Os and SALs and appropriate contexts for learning.

I am at the start of my journey with this and there is still some way to go. It is pleasing that my learners are engaging positively with the display and are working hard to ensure they are doing what their peers think for each SAL. I have had some discussions around planning and I may blog about this soon but in be meantime I am happy to discuss how I am using the SALs and help where necessary. 


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