PE in Scotland comes together

Today I attended the inaugural SATPE conference held at the Scottish Police College in Tulliallan. The association is made up of Teachers for Teachers, I am a member of the association and also one of the Regional Reps for East Lothian. So for me the conference was a long time in coming. But what an impact it made. Today I networked with likeminded colleagues across the country, we shared contact details, resources, ideas and knowledge. Exactly what the association is intended to do. 

The day could not have got off to a better start. Over 100 delegates and a guest speaker that defines the word inspiration. David Smith MBE spoke of his dream and journey to winning a Gold Medal on home soil at London 2012, he peppered his keynote with jokes about himself and the mountainous hurdles he overcame with aplomb on his way to becoming a Gold Medal winner. The keynote was inspirational, motivational and a truly remarkable story told by a humble man who has a story that I think everyone should hear. I intend to fully spread his message in my school and maybe one day I would love to have him present to my pupils.

My first workshop was based on FIP (Factors Impacting on Performance) and BMT (Better Movers & Thinkers) delivered by Elinor Steel. The session focused on Handball (a great activity) and how to integrate FIP discussions and BMT aspects. The practical was challenging for both practical and mental thinking an it was interesting to see how a colleague was tackling the FIP unit. The way Elinor was gathering evidence through video and tasks chosen by the pupils which are stored on her Macbook Pro. The evidence gathering is certainly done in a way I want to gather evidence and I am currently trialling using audioboo and youtube to help my pupils, could they be used in the future. Video evidence is certainly a great form of assessment, its easy to do, easy to analyse and easy to store. However, sheer volume of storage can become an issue quickly. Elinor delivered a great workshop and it left me with much to consider and i’m sure it will have an impact on my own practice over the next few weeks and months.

My second workshop was Assessment & Moderation in BGE (Broad & General Education) delivered by Gib McMillan. I had the pleasure of meeting Gib a number of times during my probation year and his ideas and enthusiasm have had a real impact in shaping my practise. Gib presented on the City of Edinburgh’s plans and how they assess in the Broad and General Phase. He also showed videos for each level and allowed the room to discuss the performances on show. As a profession we are very strong at assessing and i’m sure we will get stronger and stronger as the years progress. As a cohort we all had similar views on levels and assessing and it is an area where I feel strong and confident in. I have taken Gibs ideas merged them with my own and those of my colleagues to create our own assessment agenda in the BGE (an area I intend to blog about in the coming months).

The conferenced was closed by the Alan Craw (PE lead officer) were he discussed Education Scotland’s work in ensuring the governments promise of 2 hours of Quality PE for every child is being delivered. The news is good and we hope this continues to make an impact in all of Scotland’s young people.

Iain Stanger, SATPE President, mentioned in both his opening and closing remarks that the association is only as strong as its members and that it hopes to provide a voice for Physical Education teachers. On todays evidence i’m sure he and the rest of the SATPE team, including myself, could not have hoped for a better start. Over 100 delegates all hoping and working, tirelessly, for the same thing, High Quality Physical Education. 

Well done SATPE, bring on next year.


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