What’s Edmodo, Sir?

When I arrived for my first day at my new school I was keen to continue the work I had done during my NQT year. While on my probation year I used Edmodo throughout my curriculum; Standard Grade and Higher classes used it to receive notes, homework and invaluable discussion, my core classes used it to vote on next activities and to highlight model performers and I used it generate opinion on a number of topics.

Pupils at my new school had not exposed to Edmodo, this is changing. I am happy to report that the uptake of Edmodo has been great. During my first inset day senior pupils, who are advocates of IT in learning and teaching, presented to the teaching staff about their vision for IT in THEIR learning. Edmodo featured high up on their list of online tools they want their teachers to use. I was both impressed and excited that pupils are taking their learning seriously and are dictating to us, the teachers, how they want to learn. The pupils approached a number of teachers and asked them to trial the use of Edmodo. Unknown to them I had already set it up for use first with my National 4/5 PE class. I told the pupils of this and I am feeding back to them my findings on pupil interaction with Edmodo.

I introduced Edmodo to my National class, of 33 boys, and instantly they logged in and discussions started. So far I have used it to hand out homework, create a discussion forum, mark homework (although only 4 have handed it in online) and this week I have uploaded all resources for this weeks lessons. I am placing the onus on the learners and advocating them to learn in their own time using the materials I have provided so that they can get more from the practical experiences I deliver. I have every confidence that the pupils will take this opportunity to take ownership of their learning and will contribute positively to this weeks lessons.

In the near future I plan to include some of my core classes so that they can vote for their favoured activities, include options for our 3rd year performance students and stimulate discussion on relevant topics. Edmodo is a great tool to introduce the concept of 24/7 learning as it allows pupils to access it from anywhere. Whats more is that, in the words of one of my pupils, ‘it’s not bad sir, kinda like facebook without the pictures!’.


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