Audioboo in PE

Having arrived at a new school, my first full time permanent post, i am determined to continue my development with regard to the use of ICT in and out of the classroom. This term I have introduced a number of things to my National class and initial dialogue suggests that the pupils are willing and keen to use ICT to enhance their learning both in class and at home. I have introduced the use of smartphones and provided each pupil with a list of apps that we will use throughout the year. I have also introduced the class to edmodo (which I will blog about at a later date) and I have introduced the class to audioboo, which I will discuss further.

Audioboo allows you to share audio content, such as podcasts, on the internet and also through a smartphone app free of charge. I saw this as a great opportunity to enhance learning outside of the classroom. I thought that if I used audioboo to explain topics, tasks and set revision topics it would allow pupils to listen to it over and over again, allowing for an easy way to access revision.

Initially I have used audioboo to explain homework tasks and I have encouraged the pupils to listen to the ‘boo’s’ alongside their homework. Pupils have engaged with this already and most, if not all, of them are in agreement that it has helped them with their first few homework tasks. The link below will take you to the site if you wish to listen to the podcasts I have created.

In the near future I plan to use audioboo to interview pupils, provide information t pupils and parents, celebrate success and hand it over to the pupils so that they can use it as a revision tool for themselves. I look forward to developing the use of audiboo in and out of the classroom and I am sure it will only have a positive impact on pupils learning and academic progress.



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