Watch this space…

I apologise for not writing sooner but this term I have been mired in job applications. From it I am one of the very fortunate ones to gain a full time permanent job. I am relieved and delighted, also proud, that all the hard work has paid off. I cannot wait to get started and after meeting the staff, some pupils and my colleague sin the PE department the future is definitely very exciting.

Since I last wrote the key developments for me are:

I have a job.

I am guest speaker for the S6 graduation.

Am involved in writing National Courses.

Developing use of my iPad and pupils own device sin my teaching.

This post is merely an update but my aim is this;

Over the next few years I aim to write one blog post a month (more if time allows) and i have ideas to jot down. These will centre around development in my learning and teaching and also any big developments I am part of in the school, local authority and nationally.

Watch this space..



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