It’s been a while since I last posted and in that time there have been a lot of developments in PE and in Education as a whole. I have spoken in the past of how I am using the Significant Aspects of Learning (SAL) within my practice. I have done work around using pupil voice […]

This session I have placed a clear focus on the implementation of the Significant Aspects of Learning (SALs) with my practice and within my colleagues practice. There has been a big push of these within the authority and across the country. It is clear that Physical Education is leading the way with the SALs and […]

I have spoke before of my interest and journey involving Better Movers and Thinkers (BMT), an approach to Physical Education that signifies the evolution of physical education. I have been late to the ‘party’ but I have been making up for lost time and only recently I attended a BMT Summer School, an excellent 2-day […]

Recently I attended a Pedagogy in NQ conference in Dundee, I also presented a workshop, where I was taken aback by some of the wonderful work that some of my colleagues are undertaking. I also had some very interesting and thought provoking discussions with many within the profession. From these conversations and the conference itself […]

As of late I have tried to increase my twitter presence, become a teacher people want to ask questions of and engage in more professional discussions. All of this is aimed at improving not only my practice but that of the people that read my tweets by forcing them to think about the what, the how […]

We provide a service, a service which is free at the point of need. Like everything else that is free it is well within our rights to question its quality. I for one question the quality of delivery every day, not only my own delivery but that of others across the nation. I question whether […]

This year I have made ‘feedback’ an important aspect of my teaching. As I am now well into my second year as a full-time teacher I feel that many areas of my practice are ‘solid’ but I am no where near the standard of teacher I believe I can be or want to be. With […]